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24/7 Online Training We collaborate with international certified training organizations providing quality and certified courses led by qualified and experienced trainers to deliver 24/7 online training ...
We provide recruitment and job placement service to the Oil & Gas Sector in Guyana. Our manual system is backed by a powerful automated human resources ...
Background Checks  Global Coverage, Delivered Locally We collaborate with leading and reputable organizations worldwide to provide professional background screening of candidates. Through our global network and ...
Short and Long Term Rental Building on our experience from our sister company Evelyn Property Management & Cleaning Service (EPMCS) the Green State Oil and Gas ...
Regardless of the size of your business, by choosing our janitorial service, rather than relying on in-house cleaning done by your staff, you’ll benefit from high ...
Logistics Service We provide comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions for both local and international companies operating in Guyana, or those who wish to set up business ...

We provide innovative Product Solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.

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We have facility to produce advance work various industrial applications based on specially developed technol-ogy. We are also ready to developement by according to users changing needs. Infrastructure related installation projects.

General repair & industrial and machinery. Our team up-to-date, sustainable custom manufacturing solutions.

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